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Indoor PTS

Indoor packaged transformer substations (indoor PTS) with capacity up to 3,125 kVA are intended for reception of electric energy of three-phase 50Hz with rated voltage of 6 (10, 20) kV, converting it to the voltage of 0.4 kV and 0.66 kV, and distribution to consumers.

Indoor PTS can be used to supply power to auxiliary consumers of nuclear, thermal, and hydroelectric power plants, as well as in power supply systems in the enterprises of industrial, oil and gas, chemical, and energy industries.


• Fully prefabricated.

• Quick installation and commissioning.

• Can be dismounted and moved in short time.

• Convenience and security of the personnel due to  multi-layered security systems, interlocks, alarms and indicators.

• Substations are equipped with the equipment of own manufacture.

• Can be configured for the  size of the room and lends itself for implementation of non-standard customer layouts.

• Modern appearance and durability of polyester powder coating.



Indoor PTS consists of:

• Input device on the HV side;

• Auxiliary power transformer;

• Input device on the LV side (LV switchgear);

Input device on the HV side can be manufactured in several modifications:

• "Dead input" cabinet. HV power cables run through the cabinet and connect directly to the terminals of the power transformer.

• Cupboard with load break switch of VNA/VNR with PKT type fuse, where high-voltage power cables are connected to the fixed terminals of the load switch via bus jumpers.

• Cabinet with vacuum circuit breaker.

Input device on the HV side for the voltage of:

• 6 (10) kV: KSO-366 series, KSO-314, KSO-202-PROMO, KSO-298-UM, KSO-215-ESM6, KSO-216Т, KRU Kaskad series switchgear;

• 20 kV: switchgear of series KRU Volga (by АО "PO Eltekhnika"), D-24R (by АО "GK Tavrida Elektrik"), SafeRing (by АВВ).

Following types of three-phase double-wound power transformers are used in indoor PTS:

• Oil-filled- TMG, TM, ТМZ, ТМ;

• Dry – TS, TSZ.

LV switchgear in indoor PTS is a switchboard consisting of the input cabinets; outgoing lines; sections, etc. Power switching devices, protection equipment, control and alarm equipment are installed in the cabinets. Cabinets can have one-side and two-side access for maintenance. The types and quantity of cabinets depend on the project.

In two-row version indoor PTS the bus jumper is installed between the cabinet rows.

Docking panel is used to connect LV switchgear to power transformer.

Kaskad series LV switchgear cabinets can be used with further sectioning up to 4b.






Basic technical parameters

Power transformer capacity, kVA

100 … 3,150

Power transformer type

Oil-filled; Dry

HV side rated voltage, kV

6; 10; 20

Max. HV side rated voltage, kV

7.2; 12; 24

LV side rated voltage, kV

0.4; 0.66

HV side 1 s short-time withstand current, kA

 20; 31.5

LV side 1 s short-time withstand current, kA

10; 25; 30; 40

HV side peak withstand current, kA


LV side peak withstand current, kA

Up to 150

Insulation level as per GOST 1516.1-76

- with oil-filled transformer

- with dry transformer


Normal, level "b"


Climatic modification as per GOST 15150


Ambient operating temperature, °С

+40 … -45

Max. altitude above sea level, m


Enclosure protection class as per GOST 14254-80


Service life, years


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