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DC switchboard ("SchPT")


DC switchboard is part of the auxiliary DC system and is designed to provide uninterrupted power supply to auxiliary control, protection, automation, and alarm circuits, relays of switching devices, emergency lighting, spare oil pump motors, and synchronous condensers at facilities of power and oil & gas industries, traction substations of railways, and industrial enterprises.

DC switchboard is intended for operation in such facilities as:

- power plants,

- substations,

- oil refineries,

- chemical enterprises,

-railway transport facilities,

- gas-compressor stations.



- Reliability and durability of the equipment is ensured by the use of components from the leading world manufacturers of LV devices.

- Fully prefabricated

- All current-carrying parts are securely covered thereby ensuring high safety for maintenance personnel

- Convenient connection and wiring of power and outgoing cables

- Two modifications: with circuit breakers and fuses.



DC switchboard consists of separate floor-standing cabinets. To achieve more optimal placement of equipment and convenience of maintenance, mostly the two-side service cabinets are used, but on request, one-side service DC switchboards are available.

Each DC switchboard cabinet is a prefabricated structure of frame type made of perforated galvanized profiles. All hook-up components are painted with powder paint. Measuring instruments, control and alarm equipment are installed on the front doors. Mnemonic diagram showing the circuit diagram of switching power circuits is also printed on the front door.

The bus system of DC switchboard is located in the upper part of the cabinet, and the incoming and outgoing cables are fed through the terminal units located in the lower part.

DC switchboard can contain modern distribution and switching equipment from the list recommended for use in DC circuits rated for 250 V.

DC switchboard can be equipped with automatic system for monitoring the insulation level in a DC system with automatic detection of the connection where the insulation decreased below 20 kOhm.

DC switchboard is adapted to work together with automation equipment included in INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION & CONTROL SYSTEMS. Communication with the control system can use:

- switch status "dry terminals" and intermediate remote control relays connected further to automatic equipment;

- RS-485 interface via Modbus communication protocol, Ethernet, and Profibus depending on the configuration of the equipment with ability to control and transmit the status of circuit breakers.

Cabinets have natural cooling system.

Basic technical parameters



Current type in main circuit and control circuits


Main circuits rated voltage, V

220; 110

Control circuits rated voltage, V

24; 110; 220  

Busbar rated current, A

100 - 1,000

Busbar peak withstand current, kA

10;15; 25

Busbar 1 s withstand current, кА


Insulation rated voltage, V


Enclosure protection class as per GOST 14254-96

IP 31; IP54

Service type

One-side; two-side

Entries modification

Cable, bottom or top

Switchboard dimensions (H х W х L), mm

Depending on circuit diagram

Climatic modification as per GOST 15150


Ambient operating temperature, °С

+40 … -25

Max. altitude above sea level, m


Service life, years




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