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KASKAD unitized packaged LV switchgear

Kaskad series LV packaged distribution and control devices can be used as switchgear in all areas of energy consumption, where it is required to provide entry and distribution of electrical energy, in particular:

- auxiliary system for all types of power stations;

- to bundle the power grid substations;

- to bundle the substations of gas/oil line pumping stations;

- in power supply and automation systems of  industrial enterprises and municipal services.

The basic concept of the Kaskad LV modular switchgear is use of typical modules in electric switchboards. Chambers of different configurations can be manufactured from relatively small number of standard components. Versatility of the modular system makes assembling and installation of electric switchboards more simple and easy. Using unitized individual modules, switchgear of any type can be built using hardware manufactured by Schneider Electric, ABB, LS IS, Hyundai, Eaton, KEAZ JSC, and Kontaktor.

There are withdrawable and stationary units in Kaskad LV switchgear design.

Kaskad LV switchgear design can be used to build the following switchgear:

- main switchboard;

- LV switchgear cabinets;

- control station panel;

- auxiliary service panel.



- Reliability.

Use of high-quality devices made by leading domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Reliability of power supply due to fast replacement of units.

- Adaptability.

Wide range of solutions in terms of sizes, connection types, functional module installation techniques, their performance indicators, various combinations of layout.

- Safety.

High degree of sectioning as per GOST R 51321.1 up to 4b.

Design that prevents the short circuit arc of.

Electric and mechanic interlocks.

- Convenient installation.

Fully prefabricated.

Easy access to busbars and cable connection places.

Cables can be connected without cable lugs.

- Convenient operation.

Possibility of "hot" replacement of withdrawable modules and their reorganization.

Withdrawable module position Indication.

Maintenance of cable connectors is not required for entire service life.



In terms of design, Kaskad LV switchgear is a metal one- or two-side service cabinet (or several cabinets).

The basis of the cabinets is a prefabricated structure - a frame that is assembled from C-shaped profiles with holes. 25 mm perforation interval complies with DIN 43660. Profiles are manufactured from galvanized steel sheet 2 mm thick on high-precision equipment. The profiles are assembled into the spatial framework by means of corner plates fixed by rivets.

Metal cover consisting of doors, removable panels, roof and floor are mounted on the framework by bolts. All the internal space of the cabinet is divided into four main compartments:

- busbar compartment contains the system of collection and distribution buses;

- compartment of the functional modules serves to incorporate the motor control units, circuit breakers, instruments, as well as protection, control, measurement and alarm units;

- cable connection compartment provides convenient feeding and connection of external power and control cables, and can be used to accommodate various auxiliary equipment;

- intercabinet connection cabinet serves to establish transit intercabinet connections within the switchgear.

Busbar compartment in the two-side service cabinets is located in the upper part of the cabinet, while in case of one-side service cabinets it is also possible to place the buses in both the middle part of the cabinet and on the rear panel. In all cases, the busbars are placed horizontally "on the edge". They are connected to distribution buses, which are located vertically in the rear of the cabinet (behind the functional modules compartment) or on the side and serve to supply power to switching devices. Buses are made of hard electrotechnical copper as per GOST 434-78.

Functional modules compartment is located on the front side of the cabinet and is 600 mm wide and 1,800 mm high. Compartment is divided from to bottom by partitions into separate modules. Functional units of stationary and withdrawable type can be installed in the compartment. The units can incorporate automatic switches, load break switches with fuses, contactors, relays, microprocessor-based relay protection units, and other controls and automation devices.

Cable connection compartment is a cell adjoining the function modules compartment. Its location depends on the type of service. So in case of one-side service the compartment is located on the right side, and in case of two-side service - in the rear of the functional modules compartment. Separate cable assembly compartment can be used in LV switchgear instead of cable connection compartment, or it is possible to combine the cable connection compartment with functional modules compartment.

The inter-compartment connection compartment is intended to hold the auxiliary power supply circuit breakers and common for all sections clamps of auxiliary circuits.

Each isolated compartment has at least IP20 protection class as per GOST 14254-96 in compliance with clause 1.7.68, Electrical Installations Code (EIC).

Design features of Kaskad LV switchgear provide 6 standard types of sectioning as per GOST R 51321.1-2000.

Depending on the functional purpose LV switchgear cabinets are divided into the following main types:

- entry cabinets;

- sectioning cabinets;

- distribution cabinets;

- entry-sectioning cabinets;

- entry-distribution cabinets;

- cable assembly cabinets;

- bus connection cabinets;

- reactive power compensation cabinets;

- bus bridges.






Basic technical parameters

Rated voltage, kV


Max. operating voltage, kV


Main circuits insulation rated voltage, V


Max. busbar rated current, A


Max. distribution bus rated current, A

- LV switchgear with withdrawable units

- LV switchgear with stationary units




AC rated frequency, Hz

50; 60

Main circuits current type

AC 3-phase

Auxiliary circuits current type

DC or AC

Auxiliary circuits rated voltage, V




12; 24; 110; 220

Insulation rated voltage, V


Min. insulation resistance, MOhm


HV side 1 s withstand current (short-time admissible current), kA

Up to 100

Busbar peak withstand current (surge current), kA

Up to 220

Grounding system type


LV switchgear installation conditions

For indoor installation in electric rooms

LV switchgear mutual location

One-row; two-row, and angular

Service type

One-side; two-side

Busbar position

Top; rear

Insulation of current-carrying parts

Without insulation; with insulation

Internal compartment division type

up to 4b

Entry devices

With stationary automatic circuit-breaker;

With withdrawable automatic circuit-breaker;



Outgoing line devices

With stationary automatic circuit-breaker;

with automatic circuit-breaker of removable type;

With withdrawable automatic circuit-breaker;

Technique of installation of functional modules on outgoing lines

Stationary; plug-in; withdrawable

Functional module design

Stationary and withdrawable

Power entry

Cable - bottom, top

Bus - bottom, top, right, left

Outgoing line entry/exit

Cable - bottom, top

Bus - bottom, top

Control type

Local; remote

Enclosure protection class as per GOST 14254

IP31; IP42; IP54

Climatic modification as per GOST 15150


Ambient operating temperature, °С

+40 … -25

Max. altitude above sea level, m


Service life, years


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