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Heat-Insulated PTS

Package transformer substation in heat-insulated shell made of sandwich panels (Heat-Insulated PTS) rated for 6 (10, 20, 35) / 0.4 (0.66) kV, capacity rating up to 3,150 kVA, are used to supply power to industrial enterprises, extractive industry enterprises, and infrastructure facilities.


• Small size.

• Fully prefabricated.

• Quick installation and commissioning.

• Wide range of operation temperatures: -60°С … +45°С.

• Large range of sizes and layout options.

• More than two power transformers of up to 35 kV voltages with capacity of up to 3,150 kVA can be installed in the substation.

• Can be moved using any type of transport.

• Substations are equipped with the equipment of own manufacture.

• Made using high quality materials and components.

• Modern design.

• Can be painted with the customer's distinctive corporate colors.



Heat-Insulated PTS has a block-modular design and structurally consists of a combination of individual prefabricated modules:

• Power transformer module;

• HV switchgear (35 kV) module;

• HV switchgear 6 (10, 20) kV module;

• LV switchgear module;

• Module without separate subscriber section where HV switchgear, LV switchgear, and power transformers are located in one space.

Width of the module is 2.5 - 3.5 m, and the length of the module depends on the type and quantity of installed inside equipment and may be up to 12 m.

Depending on the location, there are following types of modular layout:

• Linear - modules arranged butt to butt;

• Parallel - modules arranged side to side.


Structurally, the module consists of a welded bearing frame made as per SNiP II-23-81. On the outside, the module covered with wall and roof sandwich panels. Their  thickness depends on the climatic conditions and can vary from 50 mm to 150 mm. Base parts are interconnected along the perimeter to form a closed contour (frame) that has a cross reinforcers and embedded pieces for mounting the floor equipment. Then the inner space of the frame is filled with non-combustible insulating material having thermal conductivity coefficient not above 0.035 W/ mK in compliance with ISO 8301- 1991. Floor covering is made of corrugated sheets, the holes in the floor in the form of welded tubes or openings are provided for cable entry. If approved by the customer, the sealing modules can be installed to ensure tight cable entry. Heat-Insulated PTS is equipped with heat-insulated doors and gates.

Heat-Insulated PTS are available in two modifications - with or without separate subscriber section. Heat-Insulated PTS with separate subscriber section can have HV and LV switchgear installed in two separate modules, each having own inputs. Heat-Insulated PTS without separate subscriber section assumes the HV and LV switchgear will be installed in one compartment.

Substations can be equipped with two types of power transformers for up to 3,150 kVA  - oily and dry. Dry-type transformers are supplied in a protective casing. When using oil-filled transformer, heat-Insulated PTS design includes additional compartment for emergency draining of transformer oil.

HV gas-insulated packaged switchgear 35 kV cells by АВВ or Schneider Electric can be installed in HV switchgear 35 kV compartment. HV switchgear 6 (10, 20) kV can host HV cells for the voltage:

• 6 (10) kV: KSO-366 series, KSO-202-Promo, KSO-298-UM, KSO-215-ESM6, KRU Kaskad series switchgear;

• 20 kV: switchgear of series KRU Volga (by АО "PO Eltekhnika"), D-24R (by АО "GK Tavrida Elektrik"), SafeRing (АВВ).

Switchboards of series SchO-70, cabinets ShNN-GRSch, LV switchgear of Kaskad series can be installed in a LV switchgear compartments.

High voltage inputs can be fed to heat-Insulated PTS by underground/overhead lines. Outputs for outgoing LV lines can be underground or underground/overhead.

Heat-Insulated PTS modules are equipped with lighting, automatic heating, ventilation, fire alarm systems, and, if necessary, access control systems, video surveillance and air-conditioning.






Basic technical parameters

Power transformer capacity, kVA

100 … 3,150

Power transformer type

Oil-filled; dry

HV side rated voltage, kV

6; 10; 20; 35

Max. HV side rated voltage, kV

7.2; 12; 24; 40.5

LV side rated voltage, kV

0.4; 0.66

HV side 1 s short-time withstand current, kA

 20; 31.5

HV side peak withstand current, kA


Insulation level as per GOST 1516.1-76

Normal, level "b"

Insulation type


Fire resistance rating as per SNiP 2.01.02-85


Climatic modification as per GOST 15150


Ambient operating temperature, °С

+40 … -60

Max. altitude above sea level, m


Enclosure protection class as per GOST 14254-80

Up to IP54

Service life, years


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