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Concrete PTS

Concrete-enclosed packaged transformer substation (Concrete PTS) is intended to receive, convert, and distribute the electric power of three-phase 50Hz AC in isolated neutral systems on 6 (10) kV side and solid-grounded neutral on 0.4 kV side.

Concrete PTS is used to supply electricity to housing and utility, public and industrial facilities in all layouts of distribution networks.


• Fully prefabricated.

• Quick installation and commissioning.

• Long service life.

• Can be moved using any type of transport.

• Substations are equipped with the equipment of own manufacture.

• Made using high quality materials and components.

• Possible customization to fit non-standard layouts.

• Modern design.

• Can be painted with the customer's distinctive corporate colors.



Concrete PTS is a separate building of extra-strong reinforced concrete (compression grade  B30 (400 kg/, frost resistance grade F100, water resistance - W6).

Concrete PTS consists of two separate units:

• Elevated unit - concrete shell with mounted according to the diagram electrical equipment;

• Recessed unit - cable cellar.

Elevated unit is a monolithic block of reinforced concrete of with walls and floor, and a roof panel attached by welded joint.

Cable cellar is a spacious reinforced concrete shell with monolithic walls and bottom. Cable cellar is the foundation for concrete PTS, through which power cables enter and exit. Unit height - 920 (1620, 1800) mm.

There are special holes in cable cellar walls for cables.

In the floor of the elevated unit there are also openings for access to the cable cellar to connect the cables and drain the oil from the power transformer.

Concrete PTS can be implemented both with  dedicated subscriber section or without dedicated subscriber section. Concrete PTS with  dedicated subscriber part compartment for HV switchgear is in a separate elevated unit, the compartment for LV switchgear is in the other elevated unit and screened off from the power transformer compartment. In concrete PTS without dedicated subscriber unit (HV and LV switchgear are combined), the internal space is divided into two isolated compartments: power transformer compartment and switchgear compartment, where HV switchgear and LV switchgear are opposite to each other and separated by a service corridor at least 1500 mm wide.

Each compartment in concrete PTS has  separate entrance with metal gates or doors.

Concrete PTS has natural ventilation: walls and door wings of the power transformer compartments have built-in protective ventilation registers, made as per GOST R 51110. The shutters are fitted with a protective mesh that prevents the penetration of foreign objects, down, and rodents. There are ventilation openings with registers in the walls of the switchgear, HV switchgear, and LV switchgear compartments.

6 (10, 20) kV KSO-366, KSO-314, KSO-316Т, KSO-215-ESM6 series HV cells are used in HV compartment. Switchboards of series SchO-70, cabinets ShNN-GRSch, LV switchgear of Kaskad series can be installed in a LV switchgear compartments.

If the elevated units are placed on high foundations for convenience of substation operation, they are equipped with stairs with handrails and maintenance platforms.

Concrete PTS are equipped with lighting systems, automatic heating, and, optionally, can be equipped with: remotely controlled cabinets; air-conditioning systems; fire extinguishing systems; burglar and fire alarms.






Basic technical parameters

Power transformer capacity, kVA

160 … 1,600

Power transformer type

Oil-filled; dry

HV side rated voltage, kV

6; 10; 20

Max. HV side rated voltage, kV

7.2; 12; 24

LV side rated voltage, kV


HV side 1 s short-time withstand current, kA

 20; 31.5

HV side peak withstand current, kA

Up to 81

Insulation level as per GOST 1516.1-76

Normal, level "b"

Insulation type


Fire resistance rating as per SNiP 2.01.02-85


Climatic modification as per GOST 15150


Ambient operating temperature, °С

+40 … -60

Max. altitude above sea level, m


Enclosure protection class as per GOST 14254-80


Service life, years


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