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Packaged high-voltage switchgear are designed for reception and distribution of the power of three-phase 50Hz up to 35 kV AC in networks with insulated or grounded via arcing ground suppressor neutral.

Packaged switchgear are used as HV switchgear in new construction, expansion, reconstruction, and technical upgrading in:

• Distribution and transformer substations of the urban electric networks;

• Distribution and transformer substations in civic facilities and infrastructure;

• Distribution substations of industrial enterprises;

• Traction substations for public electric transport and subway;

• 35 (110)/6 (10) kV and 6 (10)/0.4 kV step-down substations in distribution networks;

• Prefabricated packaged transformer substations.

The enterprise manufactures packaged switchgear for rated voltage 6 (10) kV, 20 kV, and 35 kV.

Prefabricated one-side service chambers ("KSO") is a subset of packaged switchgear ("KRU"). Depending on the type of built-in switching devices the enterprise manufactures one-side service chambers of 2xx series and one-side service chambers of 3xx series.

Cells of 3ХХ series one-side service chambers are simpler and more energy saving. 2ХХ series one-side service chambers are used for more complex tasks related to protection of electricity consumers. Particularly, the chambers KSO-202Promo, KSO-298UM, KSO-215ESM6, and KSO-216T incorporate vacuum switches and microprocessor relay protection units (except for KSO-366VK cells where vacuum load break switch VNVR-10 is used as a switch device), while the chambers KSO-366 and KSO-314 are equipped with gas-blast circuit breakers of VNA type. Use of vacuum circuit breakers, having higher switching durability, makes power supply much more reliable. 2xx-series one-side service chambers use microprocessor-based protection units to implement overcurrent protection, current cutoff, overload protection, earth-fault protection, and much more to further improve power supply reliability.




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